The Narcissist Discard Phase: 3 Signs a Final Discard is Coming | Discard Phase?

Have you ever wondered why some objects just don’t seem to fit anywhere and end up in the trash? It may not be immediately apparent, but there’s a reason for it. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the discard phase—aka the narcissist discard phase. During this phase, an object is no longer useful or aesthetically pleasing to the individual using it. And as you might suspect, it’s usually accompanied by significant emotional turmoil. If you or someone you know is in the midst of this phase, read on for three signs that a final discard is coming.

The Narcissist Starts to Ignore You

The Narcissist starts to ignore you. This could be a clear sign that the Narcissist is about to discard you. Here are some other signs that may suggest this final discard is coming:
• The Narcissist becomes moody and irritable.
• The Narcissist starts avoiding you or talking less to you.
• The Narcissist withholds affection or compliments.
• The relationship becomes strained and tense.

The Narcissist Tries to Change the Subject

If a relationship with a narcissist progresses to the point where one or both parties feel discarded, it’s time to prepare for the final discard. Here are five signs that indicate the Narcissist is about to abandon you:

1. The narcissist becomes evasive and difficult to reach.

2. The narcissist withdraws love and affection.

3. The narcissist becomes very critical and hostile.

4. The narcissist stops returning phone calls or emails.

5. The narcissist ceases all communication altogether

The Narcissist Starts Making Fun of You

If the narcissist starts making fun of you, it’s time to start preparing for a discard phase. Here are some signs that the narcissist is ready to cut ties with you:

1. The narcissist starts making fun of your ideas or decisions – This is a sure sign that the narcissist doesn’t respect you or your opinions.

2. The narcissist devalues your contributions – If the narcissist starts treating your contributions as if they’re not worth anything, this is a clear indication that he or she no longer values your input.

3. The narcissist begins ignoring or dismissing your efforts – If the narcissist begins to ignore or dismiss what you’re saying without provocation, this is an indicator that he or she no longer trusts or respects you.

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The Narcissist Refuses to Respond to Your Texts or Calls

If you have been trying to get in touch with a narcissist or have been messaging them, but they are not responding, it may be time to consider that their conversation is over. Here are some signs that the narcissist has decided to discard you:

-The narcissist fails to answer your texts or calls.
-They stop returning your messages or contacts altogether.
-They start avoiding you and withdrawing from social activities.
-They become critical and dismissive of your ideas and opinions.

The Narcissist Ends Contact

When a narcissist decides to discard you, there are often warning signs that suggest this is the final step in the discard phase. Here are four key signs that indicate the end is near:

1. The narcissist becomes distant and uncommunicative.
2. The narcissist avoids contact with you completely.
3. The narcissist starts criticizing you more harshly than ever before.
4. The narcissist exhibits emotional volatility and unpredictable behavior.

What is the final discard of a narcissist?

When a narcissist decides to discard you, there are definite signs that it is time for you to move on. Here are four things to watch for:

1. A decrease in communication. This might mean that the narcissist stops responding to your emails, texts, or calls altogether. If you were a regular part of the narcissist’s life, this could be a major sign that they’re no longer interested in you.

2. The narcissist becomes critical and rude. They may start questioning your intelligence, credibility, and moral worth. This is their way of trying to marginalize you and make you look better by comparison.

3. The narcissist starts avoiding you completely. They might stop coming over to your house or meeting up with you outside of work or social gatherings. This may seem like a minor thing at first, but if the narcissist has been a significant part of your life it can be a big indicator that things are going bad between you two.

4. The narcissist starts acting possessive and demanding. They may start asking for constant attention or insisting that you do everything for them instead of letting them do things for themselves like before. This is another sure sign that the relationship is headed for trouble – if the narcissist used to let you do all the work and now wants everything under their control it’s time to bail!

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How do you know if a narcissist’s discard is permanent?

There are a few red flags that might suggest that the narcissist is about to discard you for good. First, the narcissist might start distancing himself from you more and more often. This could mean ignoring your calls or emails, not returning your texts or emails, or even outright avoiding you altogether. Second, the narcissist may become increasingly critical and rude towards you. He or she may start calling you names, making fun of your appearance, and generally speaking treating you like dirt. finally, the narcissist may start disappearing suddenly for long periods without warning – this could be anything from not answering your phone to disappearing completely from your life. If any of these signs seem to be happening to you regularly, it’s time to pay attention – there’s a good chance that the narcissist is planning his or her final discard.

How do you know if a narcissist is finished with you?

If you are being discarded by a narcissist, certain signs will let you know it is time to start packing your bags. Here are six telltale signs that it’s time to prepare for the final break:

1. The narcissist begins ignoring or avoiding you completely.
2. The narcissist starts criticizing or blaming you more often.
3. The narcissist becomes paranoid and starts accusing you of cheating or plotting against them.
4. The narcissist’s mood swings become increasingly extreme, with alternating periods of love and rage.
5. The narcissist stops caring about what you think or feel, and starts treating you like an object instead.
6. The narcissist makes threats or ultimatums about leaving or cutting off contact if their demands aren’t met.[/content]

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How do narcissists discard their partners?

Narcissists typically discard their partners when they feel that the relationship is no longer fulfilling or when they feel that the partner is no longer meeting their needs. This process can be gradual or sudden, but it always leads to a final discard.

Some of the signs that a final discard is coming for a narcissist include:
-The narcissist starts ignoring or withdrawing from the partner entirely
-The narcissist becomes critical, insulting, and domineering towards the partner
-The narcissist begins to withhold important opportunities or resources from the partner
-The narcissist becomes verbally and/or physically abusive toward the partner
-The Narcissist ends any financial arrangements with the partner


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