If a Man Wants You, He Will Make it Happen | If A Man Wants You He Will Make It Happen?

There’s no one rule that applies to every man and every situation. What works for one man may not work for another. The key is to figure out what makes you happy and stick to it. When it comes to dating, this means being yourself. If a man wants you, he will make it happen. Whether that means going after you or simply behaving in a way that attracts you, the bottom line is this: if a man wants you, he will make it happen. So, how can you make sure this happens? Start by understanding what makes you happy and live your life accordingly. Then, let him know how much you appreciate him—even if he doesn’t always say the right thing.

If a man wants you, he will make it happen

If a man wants you, he will make it happen. Period. This is not up for debate or negotiation. Men are simply more direct in their pursuit of women and when they want something, they go after it. So if a man likes you, he will make his intentions known. He may do this in a number of ways, but at the core of all his actions is the desire to be with you. Here are some tips on how to respond if a man wants you:

1) Approach Him Directly
If he’s been openly flirting with you or making your heart race with his Presence, chances are good that he’s interested in you too. When he makes an advance, don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind – straight out! It’ll let him know that you’re not afraid of being upfront and it’ll also give you both the chance to clear any misunderstandings up before anything escalates beyond comfortable territory.

2) Let Him Know What You’re Interested In
Just as importantly as saying what’s on your mind is communicating what’s on yours… well… everything! When a man knows exactly where you stand, there’s nothing left to misinterpretation or escalation. So if he asks what kind of films YOU like or whether you’d like to see him play golf one day – be sure to share! It shows that you’re paying attention and that you’re interested in getting to know him better (not just physically

It’s not about how good looking you are, or what your occupation is

If a man wants you, he will make it happen. This is something that many women may find hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Men are not only physically attracted to beautiful women, but they also want someone who is confident and self-assured. They don’t want to waste their time with someone who is insecure or doesn’t have any assurance in themselves. If a man wants you, he will go out of his way to make things happen for you. He won’t settle for anything less than the best.

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You don’t need to be wealthy or have a fancy job to make a man want you

There is no secret to attracting a man. All you need is to be yourself and put your all into it. Men are attracted to qualities in women that make them feel beautiful, appreciated, and loved. People who are confident and have high self-esteem will always attract men. If you want a man to want you, there are some things you can do to help increase your chances:

1. Dress well – When you look good, you feel good. Make sure that everything you wear makes you feel confident and attractive. This includes your clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup.

2. Flaunt your assets – Show off your body in the best way possible by wearing trendy clothes that fit well and showing off your curves. If a man sees someone who is physically attractive, it will make him want you more as he may think of ways to show his appreciation for what he’s looking at.

3. Be yourself – Don’t try to be someone else or change who you are just to get a man’s attention. Being yourself will attract men more than anything else because they can see the real YOU inside instead of an artificial persona created for the purpose of getting a man’s attention.

4. Make time for him – It goes without saying but making time for a man is key in getting him interested in you as he may not come running if he doesn’t feel like he has any value

If you have the confidence and self-assurance, anyone can attract a man

If you have confidence and self-assurance, anyone can attract a man. A man will want to be around someone who has these qualities because it makes them feel comfortable and safe. When a man is around someone who is confident and self-assured, it gives them the opportunity to be themselves without worrying about what the other person might think. This also allows for more communication between the two parties because both are able to open up and share their thoughts and feelings without feeling too shy or uncomfortable.

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Be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you’re not

If you want a man to want you, then be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Men are attracted to confident women who know their own worth. If you’re not comfortable with who you are, then don’t expect a man to be either. There’s nothing wrong with being creative or playing around from time to time, but try not to do it too often or for too long. Remember, if a man wants you, he will make it happen – no matter what!

How do you know a man wants you in his life?

If a man wants you in his life, he will make it happen. If a man wants you and he shows it through his actions, words, and interactions with you, then there is no doubt in your mind that he is interested. He will do everything in his power to make you feel special, wanted, and loved.

When a man truly desires you, he won’t let anything get in the way of his pursuit. He will make time for you even if it means sacrificing other things. He will be there for all of your needs even if they’re small or inconvenient. And most importantly, he will never push or force anything on you – whether that’s a physical relationship or something else entirely.

If a man wants you and shows signs that he does, then don’t wait around – take action! Move forward with caution but also with confidence because if a man really wants you then nothing can stand in his way.

How do you know if a man will commit to you?

For many women, finding and maintaining a long-term relationship with a man can be a daunting task. How do you know if a man will commit to you?

First and foremost, if a man wants you, he will make it happen. Period. End of story. If he is interested in you, there is no stopping him. He may take some time to show his interest in you, but rest assured that once he does, he won’t let go easily.

Secondly, pay attention to the way a man treats your friends and family members. If he is always putting others first and being kind and loving towards them, it’s likely that he would be just as compassionate and caring with you as well. Additionally, if he makes an effort to learn about your interests and hobbies, it’s likely that he values quality time with you as much as anything else.

Lastly, ask him out! It’s the easiest way to gauge whether or not a man is interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Sure, things may not progress right away (or ever), but at least you’ll know for sure whether or not this person is really meant for you.

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When a man is truly interested in you there will be no need?

When a man is truly interested in you there will be no need for words. He will show his feelings with actions and communication. If he is really interested in you, he will take the time to get to know you and make sure that you are comfortable with him. He will not stop at just sex; a man who is interested in you wants to be your friend and partner as well.

How do you keep a man wanting you?

There are many things that a man may do to keep a woman wanting him. Some common actions include cooking for her, making her feel special, and always being there for her when she needs him. One of the most important things that a man can do is make sure that he is constantly improving himself. A man who is constantly growing and learning will be more appealing to women because it shows that he is interested in her and wants to spend time with her.


Ladies, if a man wants you, he will make it happen. Period. No matter what obstacles stand in his way or how great the challenge may seem at first glance, if a man really wants you then nothing can stop him from getting what he desires. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and give love a chance – chances are, if a man really loves you, he will do whatever it takes to win your heart.

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