Are you looking for a phone number or contact number of your friend, relative, cousin, that has vanished for some reason work, travel, marriage, or anything and you now have a sudden urge to talk to them. 

The other reason can be you have accidentally lost his/her number and getting bothered by not having their number in your number list, looking for the contact of the company or business owner by their names, reasons can be many, and probability is more towards getting their number.

You can easily find someone’s mobile number for free and within a few minutes.

10 successful ways to find people phone numbers:

  1. Phone directory: 

Though this option is old and hectic, turning pages and searching the official, public or landline phone number is still possible but thinking of doing that nowadays can make anyone beat his/her head on the wall.

 Those who can look at the paper phone books without getting much irritated still can try it. But, this option is not gonna help much in private or cell phone numbers. For this look at the options below.

  1. Google Search:

There are many easy to complex ways of finding someone’s phone number. Let’s move with the simple way first and that is simply using an amazing search engine of Google or via a Bing platform. But, make sure you have enough of the information of the person like their full contact number, address, email address, pin code of the area, and related details. Though you can reverse number lookup (entering contact no. & zip code) in the google search engine, you will find the results. But in some cases, you might not get the result, for which you need to put more personal details of that person. Now let google do its task.

Note: being an easy free option, you can get results only in cases if that person has uploaded his/her contact number and other details on open-source internet accounts.

  1. People Finder tools: 

People finder tools as the name indicates are other popular tools that are popular;y used by people in order to get someone’s phone number or to find them online. 

  • Global People search: 

It is a convenient and free service. If you have their address, you can find their phone number easily here and chances to get their email address is also there.

  • Zip Code search

is another people finder tool that helps you get the zipcode of the person in case you are not having the correct phone number or complete address (which is needed while searching) leading to providing you the complete address.

  • TruePeople search: 

This yet is another free tool to find the phone number of people by their username, or simply entering a name, or with an address. With this tool, you can get any private call number of anyone.

  • Zabasearch: 

Zabasearch is another tool available online that helps you search a phone number without paying a penny. Its drawback is that entering an email address doesn’t help you in Zabasearch.

To get a detailed profile structure, you need to pay some fee. It works in the US only. For the people living in the USA, you can find personal phone numbers and business phone numbers also on Zabasearch.

  • BeenVerified: 

This tool again helps you find the phone number, username in addition to this by using VIN numbers. It provides quite vast information related to the person in regard to their location, age, email, social media accounts, and other similars from their public records. For all this, you need to get the subscription, plus it is operated only in the US but other countries.

Don’t need to get fed up, we are left with more great options. Just keep reading with just a little more patience, guys, you won’t regret it.


Using this, enter the name and look for the phone number of the person and can get the details from the records as it is in the paper phone books. This site is quite old and is still working. The con is that the details you get are not completely reliable.


Another reverse phone search tool is

  •  Infotracer:

 which is free by typing in their name, email, or address. A plus point of using it is you can search by a pic of theirs. It is believed to be the most reliable website of the most searching alternatives.

  • Social media:

Everyone on social media, except a few people who are still believing in living organically. My former statement is somewhere a fact because as per the study which indicated that almost 3.6 billion of the world’s population is on social media platforms at present, which is surely going to increase. ,make use of these social network sites and look for their contact by names or username. The most popular social media for this are Linkedin,

 Facebook, Instagram, Xing, etc.

  • Truecaller:

True caller is another cool app and easy to use via which you simply search the target’s name and click search, the whole details that are entered by them in the account will be displayed. If you want better accessibility to detailed profiles you have got to buy the premium version of true caller.

Though we provided an option above regarding how to find someone using their photo, here is another similar way is  to Google image searching – simply upload the photo in case you have their screenshot from any source and hit the search button. You are going to get the results possibly by this method.

Few more options we are putting here to find phone numbers which can be related to person or business firms are Spydialer, USPhoneBook, Zlookup which you can also give it a try.

Well, you are seeing the options are many as have reached the end of this article, there are not any best option particularly. All options are good on their own guidelines but it all depends on what suits your choice and safety.

So, even for searching the business phone number you can try these above categories and see where you get the information. All the best !

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