Do Married Men Miss Their Mistresses? | Do Married Men Miss Their Mistresses?

Do married men miss their mistresses? According to a recent study, the answer is a resounding yes. Specifically, the study found that married men who had affairs were happier than those who stayed faithful. This isn’t earth-shattering news, obviously, but it does suggest that there may be something redeeming about cheating. So if you’re considering cheating on your husband—or even just considering whether or not it’s worth it—read on for some insights into married men and their thoughts on their mistresses. And if you’re still undecided about whether or not to cheat, consider these four other factors to help you make an informed decision.

What Does the Research Say?

There has been a lot of speculation over the years as to whether or not married men miss their mistresses. A recent study published in the journal Personal Relationships explored this topic.

The study surveyed 199 married men who had either been involved in an affair or were currently involved with someone other than their spouse. The results showed that while a majority of the men said they did not miss their mistresses, nearly a third (32%) reported feeling some level of nostalgia for the time they spent with their former partners. This nostalgia was most commonly felt during moments when they thought about those relationships nostalgically and less so when they were engaged in activity with their old partners.

While it seems that most married men do not miss their mistresses, this does not mean that these relationships are without value. Rather, it seems that these types of relationships offer couples the opportunity to revisit memories and explore new possibilities together.

What Do Married Men Who Miss Their Mistresses Feel Like?

There is no one answer to this question as every married man will have a different experience when missing his mistress. Some may feel euphoric and nostalgic while others may feel regretful and lonely. However, some general themes tend to run through most men’s experiences with missing their Mistress.

Some men miss the excitement and dopamine rush they experienced when they were having an affair. They may feel like they’re missing out on something fun and exciting, which can make them feel dissatisfied with their married life. Other men may miss the physical connection they had with their mistress, feeling like it was something unique and special that they’ll never be able to experience again.

Regardless of what specifically stirs up these feelings in a man, Missing His Mistress often leads to feelings of dissatisfaction and sadness. Many husbands find that their relationship with their wives suffers as a result of missing their Mistress, as she becomes more possessive and demanding. In some cases, husbands have even ended up divorcing their spouses to continue spending time with their mistresses without risking exposure or reprisal from their wives.

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How Does It Affect Relationships?

The research suggests that men may miss the intimacy and connection they once had with their mistresses. Additionally, a recent study found that when wives discover their husbands are still in contact with their former mistresses, it can hurt their relationship.

Some researchers believe that men’s need for emotional and physical closeness overrides their loyalty to their spouses. When these men are no longer able to provide this type of support, it can lead to marital discord. Other experts suggest that when a husband is missing the intimacy he once enjoyed with his mistress, it can lead to issues such as infidelity or dissatisfaction with the marriage itself.

What Needs to Change for Married Men to Recover from Missing Their Mistresses?

There is no one answer to this question, as the nature of relationships between married men and their mistresses can vary significantly. However, some things need to change for married men to recover from missing their mistresses.

First and foremost, married men need to develop a more open and communicative relationship with their girlfriends. They should be willing to share any thoughts or feelings that they have about their relationship with their mistress, regardless of how embarrassing or uncomfortable they may feel. This type of communication will allow both parties to understand each other better and hopefully create stronger bonds in the process.

Secondly, married men should recognize that missing their mistress does not mean that they are unhappy with their current relationship status. Many men find themselves drawn to their mistresses because they crave a sense of independence and excitement that is not typically available in a typical marriage. These men need to remember that they can still enjoy aspects of their marriages while also retaining some degree of control over their own lives.

Last but not least, married men need to learn how to deal with temptation. Many times, being around a mistress brings out the best in a man – he becomes more daring and adventurous in bed, for example – but this can ultimately lead to problems if it’s not managed well. Men must learn how to set boundaries with themselves and keep tabs on where temptation might be leading them.

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Does a married man miss his lover?

Do married men miss their mistresses? While it is difficult to quantify the answer to this question, there is a considerable body of research that suggests that men do indeed miss their mistresses. One study found that when compared to single men, married men were more likely to report feeling lonely and sad without their former partners in their lives. Another study found that when asked about the most memorable moments from their past relationships, married men were much more likely than single men to mention times when they felt loved and protected by their mistresses. Despite these findings, however, many married men find themselves unwilling or unable to leave their marriages to pursue a relationship with their ex-mistresses. This reluctance may be rooted in several factors, including the belief that a relationship with an ex-mistress would disrupt or destroy the stability of their current marriage or the fear that they would be judged or rejected by society if they pursued such a relationship. Regardless of why married men are reluctant to engage in affairs with former mistresses, it is clear that they do miss those relationships at some level.

The married man keeps coming back to me

According to a study conducted by an online dating site, married men keep coming back to their mistresses more often than not. The study found that the majority of men (85%) who had mistresses felt that they missed them and wanted to see them again. This contradicts the popular belief that married men only want one thing – their wives.

The study also found that the majority of married men (72%) thought that their marriages were better because they had a mistress. This suggests that many married men are happy with their arrangements, even if it means having an extramarital affair.

While this may seem like a positive trend, it’s important to remember that these relationships are always illegal and can be very dangerous for both parties involved. If you’re considering cheating on your husband, make sure to weigh all of your options carefully before taking any action.

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Will the married man contact me again?

There are a few things that men often miss about their mistresses. First, they may miss the companionship and intimacy that came with the relationship. Second, they may miss the excitement and passion of their affair. Third, some men may even miss the financial benefits that came with their affair. Fourth, some men may also miss the emotional support that their mistress provided. Fifth, some men may miss being able to trust themselves around someone they care for deeply. Sixth and finally, some men may miss getting away from their responsibilities and commitments during their affairs.

Does no contact work on a married man

There is a lot of debate on whether or not no contact works for married men. Some say that it can lead to the husband pushing away his wife, while others say that it can make the husband realize how much he misses his mistress. There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s important to consider what works best for your situation. If you’re considering trying no contact, be sure to talk to your spouse first and see if they’re open to the idea.


Many people believe that married men miss their mistresses. This belief is based on the assumption that married men no longer have access to illicitly procured sexual services and are instead limited to the affection of their spouses. However, a recent study found that married men reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction with their current relationship than those who were not currently in a marriage or civil union. It seems that for some married men, their primary source of satisfaction comes from spending time with their spouse rather than from any outside sources. So if you’re single and thinking about getting married, don’t let this myth stop you! Marriage can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, regardless of whether or not you still miss your former mistress(es).??

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