Are Female Narcissists Different Than Male Narcissists? 10 Tactics Used By The Female Narcissist | Female Narcissistic Supply?

Female narcissists are a topic of much discussion and debate. Are they different than male narcissists? Are there more female narcissists out there than male narcissists? The answer to this question may surprise you. In this blog post, we will explore 10 tactics used by female narcissists and supply sources for female narcissistic behavior. We hope this article will help shed some light on the topic and help you better understand female narcissism.

What is a Female Narcissist?

Female narcissists are often thought of as different from male narcissists in many ways. Here are some of the most common differences:

1. Female narcissists typically suffer from less severe mental health conditions than male narcissists.
2. Female narcissists are more likely to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) than male narcissists.
3. Female narcissists are more likely to have issues related to self-esteem and body image.
4. Female narcissists use manipulation tactics more frequently than male narcissists do.
5. Female narcissists are more likely to use charm and seduction to gain power and control over others.

10 Tactics Used By Female Narcissists

There are many different tactics that female narcissists use to get what they want. Some common tactics include: manipulating and controlling men, using charm and seduction, pretending to be victimhood, and using threats or intimidation. Here are some examples of how female narcissists typically operate:

1. Manipulating and Controlling Men

Female narcissists often use manipulation and control to get what they want from men. They may try to control the man’s thoughts, emotions, and actions by telling him what he can and cannot do, how he should feel, or who he should be around. In some cases, the woman may even make her partner feel like a powerless victim to exert more control over him.

2. Using Charm And Seduction

Female narcissists often rely on their charm and seductive abilities to get what they want from men. They may use flattery or sexual innuendo to get their partners to do what they want, or they may try to appeal to the man’s feelings of masculinity by acting needy or vulnerable. If the man resists or tries to leave the relationship, the female narcissist may threaten or intimidate him into staying.

3. Pretending To Be Victimhood

Another common tactic employed by female narcissists is pretense. They may act like victims who are entitled to special treatment or attention from their partners, even if those partners care for them very much. This allows the woman to wield power over her

What are the Signs That You Are Living With A Female Narcissist?

There are many different signs that you may be living with a female narcissist. Some of the most common signs include:

1. You feel like you always have to please your female narcissist.

2. You feel like you can never do anything right in the eyes of your female narcissist.

3. You feel like you’re always walking on eggshells around your female narcissist.

4. You feel like everything you do is for the benefit of your female narcissist, even if it’s not beneficial to yourself or others.

5. You constantly feel devalued and disposable by your female narcissist.

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How to Deal With a Female Narcissist

If you are in a relationship with a female narcissist, the signs of her disorder may be undetectable to you at first. But don’t worry – some helpful tips can help you deal with this type of person.

The first step is to understand that dealing with a female narcissist is different than dealing with a male narcissist. Here are some key differences:

1. Female narcissists tend to be more subtle and deceptive than male narcissists. They may appear friendly and caring while having an ulterior motive.

2. Female narcissists often use charm and manipulation to get what they want from others. They may promise love and loyalty, but ultimately discard their partners without any remorse or regret.

3. Female narcissists often have a fragile ego that requires constant admiration and affirmation from others. If this isn’t forthcoming, she can become angry, bitter, and resentful toward her partner(s).

4. Female narcissists often view relationships as opportunities to gain power and control over their partners. This can lead them to make decisions without consulting their partners or taking into account their feelings/interests.

The Female Narcissist and Your Children

There is a lot of speculation out there on whether female narcissists are different than male narcissists. Some say that female narcissist are more cunning and manipulative, while others believe that they use their children as a form of narcissistic supply. However, the truth is that there isn’t enough research to say for certain which theory is correct.

What is known about female narcissists is that they often have an intense need for admiration and attention from others. They may also be very confident and have a great sense of entitlement. Sadly, these qualities can lead to some truly destructive relationships with other people.

Children can be a major source of narcissistic supply for female narcissists. This means that the narcissist will use the child to achieve her own goals or needs. In some cases, the child may even be forced into performing tasks that are not in their best interest. This can be incredibly damaging to both the child and the relationship between parent and child.

The Female Narcissist and Your Relationship

Female narcissists are different than male narcissists in several ways. For one, female narcissists tend to be more manipulative and have a greater need for admiration and adulation from others. They also use emotional blackmail more often than male narcissists do, often threatening or even hurting their loved ones to get what they want. Additionally, female narcissists are usually less capable than male narcissists of feeling empathy for other people, meaning that they may be less likely to show remorse or guilt after inflicting harm on others.

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Surviving A Relationship With A Female Narcissist

The first step in surviving a relationship with a female narcissist is recognizing that you are in one. Many times, the signs of a female narcissist are subtle, but if you’re paying attention to your behavior and how you’re being treated, it’s not hard to spot. While male narcissists often rely on verbal abuse and intimidation tactics to control their victims, female narcissists use different tactics. Here are four common methods that female narcissists use to control their relationships:

1. charm and manipulation: Female narcissists are masters at using their charm and good looks to get what they want. They may start by being friendly and accommodating, but eventually, they will try to take advantage of you. They’ll tell you what you want to hear to gain your trust, then when you’re vulnerable they’ll use this information to manipulate you. Don’t fall for it – remember that a woman who is truly interested in you wouldn’t need to resort to tricks like this.

2. gaslighting: This is another method that female narcissists use to control their victims. Essentially, gaslighting is when the narcissist accuses the victim of being crazy or making up stories to hurt them. They may accuse the victim of being ungrateful or paranoid, making them doubt their sanity until they no longer know who they can trust. Be aware of any changes in your mental state – if everything seems strange now, it’s likely because your partner is

Are female narcissists different from males?

There is no clear answer when it comes to whether female narcissists are different than male narcissists. However, there seem to be a few subtle differences that set female narcissists apart from their male counterparts.

For one, female narcissists tend to use different tactics when pursuing narcissistic supply. While male narcissists may chase admiration and attention from others, female narcissists often rely on manipulating others into providing them with what they need. This can be done through charm and persuasion, or by using threats and blackmail.

Another difference between male and female narcissists relates to their self-image. Female narcissists tend to have much higher self-esteem than male narcissists, which can give them a false sense of entitlement. Male narcissists, in contrast, often view themselves as superior beings who deserve everything they get.

What are the traits of a female covert narcissist?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the traits of female narcissists, and the definition of the term itself is also subject to interpretation. However, most experts agree that female narcissists share some similar character traits with male narcissists, though there may be some specific nuances that make them unique.

Female narcissists are often described as having high self-esteem and a need for admiration. They tend to be very confident and believe that they are superior to other women. They can also be very domineering and have an inflated view of their abilities.

One common tactic used by female narcissists is to use others as their primary source of narcissistic supply. They will often charm, flatter, or otherwise manipulate those around them to get what they want. This can create a lot of chaos and instability in relationships, as the victim usually has no idea how to deal with a manipulative person who is constantly demanding their attention and approval.

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How does a female narcissist treat her partner?

A female narcissist will often use different tactics than a male narcissist to get what she wants from her partner. Female narcissists are usually more subtle in their manipulation and tend to be better at hiding their intentions.

One of the ways a female narcissist can treat her partner is by withdrawing love, attention, and support. She may also become critical and demanding, making it difficult for the partner to do anything they want or feel like they need. The partner may feel like they are constantly under pressure and unable to fulfill the narcissist’s needs.

Another way a female narcissist can treat her partner is by using emotional abuse. This includes accusations of being irrational, jealous, and unstable. The abuser will often refuse to believe that their partner is capable of feeling love or happiness without them. This makes it very difficult for the victim to form healthy relationships or cope with stressors outside of the relationship.

What is the female version of a narcissist?

The term ‘narcissist’ is often used to describe individuals who have a grandiose sense of self-importance and a need for admiration. However, what if the person you know exhibits many of the same qualities as a female narcissist? Here’s what you need to know about the female version of this personality disorder.

First and foremost, female narcissists are just as likely as male narcissists to exhibit symptoms such as aggression, obsessive behavior, and a lack of empathy. It’s also common for female narcissists to be extremely competitive with others, and they may view relationships as nothing more than opportunities to receive a Narcissistic Supply (NSP).

In terms of NSP, female narcissists typically require attention and admiration from others to feel validated. They may use charm or manipulating tactics to get what they want. Female narcissists can also be very deceptive, which is why it’s important for those closest to them to be aware of their tendencies and sneaky ways.


Female narcissists are often misunderstood and miscategorized. This article will explore 10 tactics that female narcissists use to control their relationships, as well as the “female narcissistic supply” they rely on to maintain their self-esteem and sense of superiority. By understanding these behaviors, you can begin to better protect yourself from a female narcissist’s intrigues and manipulations.

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