9 Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You | How To Tell If A Girl Is Jealous Of You Talking To Another Girl?

When you’re in a relationship, it can be easy to take for granted all the little moments of companionship. Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch or simply talking on the phone, you might not realize it, but your girlfriend may be jealous of those moments. In this blog post, we will explore nine signs that a girl is jealous and likes you. From subtle changes in behavior to drastic alterations in her mood, read on to see if you can identify the telltale signs that your girlfriend is jealous of you talking to another girl.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is a very powerful emotion that can cause a lot of pain and havoc in relationships. It’s important to be able to identify the signs that a girl is jealous and likes you, so you can figure out how to handle the situation. Here are five signs that a girl is jealous:

1. She becomes moody or short-tempered when around other girls.
2. She starts accusing you of being with other women even if there’s no evidence to back her up.
3. She withdraws social invitations or stops talking altogether.
4. She becomes obsessed with tracking your whereabouts and checking up on you constantly.
5. She starts picking fights with you over petty things to “prove” her jealousy.

The different types of jealousy

There are many different types of jealousy, and knowing what kind a girl is experiencing can help you understand why she may be acting out in certain ways. Here are the different types of jealousy:

1. Possessive jealousy is when a person feels threatened by the other person’s relationship or connection with someone else. This type of jealousy can often manifest as anger and resentment, and it can lead to jealous behavior such as monitoring the other person’s activities or questioning their motives.

2. Reactive jealousy is when a person gets angry or upset whenever they see or hear about the other person interacting with someone else. This type of jealousy often stems from feelings of insecurity, and it can make it difficult for the person experiencing it to trust or engage in positive relationships with others.

3. Passive-aggressive jealousy involves deliberately behaving in a way that makes the other person feel uncomfortable or threatened. This type of jealousy often manifests as passive aggression – such as remaining silent when you’re jealous – and sabotaging any attempts the other person makes to build a relationship with someone else.

4. Superficiality refers to an inability or unwillingness to invest emotionally in relationships, which can lead to a lack of communication and trust within a relationship. People who exhibit superficiality tend to be very quick to judge others, and they often have difficulty admitting mistakes or feeling vulnerable.

5. Excessive possessiveness is when one person becomes obsessed with taking control over everything related to the other

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How to tell if a girl is jealous of you talking to another girl?

If a girl is visibly jealous when you talk to another girl, she may be interested in you. Jealousy can often be a sign of attraction and interest. If the jealousy is mild or not consistently displayed, it may simply be a reflection of the girl’s personality or how she feels about you talking to other girls. However, if the jealousy is excessive or becomes interfering with your ability to enjoy your conversation with the other girl, it may be a sign that the girl likes you and is competing for your affection.

How do you know a girl is jealous of another girl?

When a girl is jealous, she will often show signs that she likes you. Some of the telltale signs include:

-She becomes quite defensive when you’re around the other girl
-She becomes angry and overwrought when talking about her rival
– She starts to avoid you or stay away from you as much as possible
– She makes negative comments about the other girl behind her back

How do you know if a girl likes another girl?

There are a few different ways to know if a girl likes another girl, and each person will likely respond to different signals. However, some general signs that a girl is jealous and likes you are as follows:

-A girl will often become noticeably jealous when you start talking to another girl more than her. She may become defensive and try to monopolize your time, or she may seem clingy and demanding.

-A girl may make comments about how competition between the two of you is unfair or how she doesn’t want to lose you to the other girl. She may also start making negative comparisons between you and the other girl, trying to put herself in a bad light.

-A girl may withdraw from social events or activities with you since she feels left out. She may also be less expressive around you, appearing quieter or aloof.

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How do you know a girl is trying to make you jealous?

If a girl shows signs that she is jealous and likes you, it could mean one of two things. She may be feeling insecure and wants to make sure you are always with her, or she may like you and is concerned about your relationship with another girl. Here are some common signs a girl is jealous: 

-She starts avoiding you or being defensive when you talk.
-She becomes argumentative or moody when you’re around other girls.
-She starts talking about how much she likes you all the time.
-She follows you or watches your every move obsessively.

Why a girl is jealous of you?

Some girls may be jealous of you simply because they feel left out or like you are monopolizing your time. Other times, jealousy may be symptomatic of a more serious underlying issue such as unresolved feelings for the other girl. If you’re not sure if a girl is jealous of you, here are some signs to look for:

-She becomes very quiet or withdrawn around you and the other person she’s jealous of.
-She starts avoiding interacting with you and your friends unnecessarily.
-She starts becoming aggressive and irritating when talking to you or the person she’s jealous of.
-She starts making negative comments about you behind your back.


If you’re reading this, you are likely in a relationship with someone jealous. You may be wondering what the signs are that your partner is jealous and whether or not you should address the issue. In general, there are three main indicators that a girl might be jealous: she becomes argumentative and defensive when other people talk to her; she isolates herself from friends and family, or she withdraws compliments or positive comments about you. If any of these things happen, it’s important to take notice and assess the situation before making any rash decisions.

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