8 Ways How Narcissists Treat Their Exes | How Narcissists Treat Their Exes?

Narcissists are a perplexing breed. They’re famous for their charisma and magnetic personality, but underneath that veneer is a cold, calculating mind. They’re preoccupied with themselves and their own needs, and they can be incredibly difficult to deal with. This makes it difficult for anyone who encounters a narcissist – whether it’s an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or anyone else in a relationship with a narcissist. In this blog post, we will explore eight different ways narcissists treat their exes. From manipulative behavior to gaslighting, read on to learn about the ways narcissists hurt those around them.

How to deal with a Narcissist when you’re still in a relationship

If you are still in a relationship with a narcissist or have been for some time, here are some tips on how to deal.

1. Learn as much as you can about narcissism and the disorder. This will help you understand your partner better and give you a better foundation from which to work.

2. Keep communication open and honest, even when things get tough. Narcissists often use verbal and emotional abuse to control their partners, so you must stick to your guns and refuse to be intimidated.

3. Remember that narcissists cannot change; they only grow more self-involved and defensive over time. So don’t waste your energy trying to make them into someone else or into what you think they should be. Instead, focus on connecting with your core values and expressing them in healthy ways toward your partner.

How Narcissists control their victims

Narcissistic individuals often use various tactics to control their victims. Some of the more common methods include:

1. Constricting the victim’s freedom: Narcissists often try to isolate their victims from friends and family, to gain control over them. They may also refuse to give the victim any meaningful work or social responsibilities, to keep them at arm’s length.

2. Manipulative communication: Narcissists often use manipulative communication techniques to get their way. For example, they may insist on only receiving positive feedback, or they may try to guilt-trip their victims into doing what they want.

3. Threats and intimidation: Narcissists can be very threatening and intimidating when they want something from their victims. They may threaten to harm themselves or the victim’s loved ones, or they may even demonstrate violent behavior toward the victim.

4. Controlled environments: Narcissists often create controlled environments where they are the only people who are allowed access to their victims. This allows them to exert complete control over the victim’s life and actions

How Narcissists gaslight their victims

Narcissists typically use several techniques to control and manipulate their victims. One common tactic is to gaslight is a form of mental abuse in which a person is made to believe that they are being deceived or irrational. The perpetrator may create and maintain a false reality in which the victim believes, causing emotional distress.

Narcissists often accuse their victims of being unreasonable or delusional, making them doubt their thoughts and feelings. They will also make constant criticisms and denigrate the victim’s abilities, possessions, and intelligence. This builds up an intense sense of insecurity in the victim, who may begin to question their sanity.

Narcissists often change the subject when their victims try to discuss what’s going on, refusing to answer any questions directly. This prevents the victim from gaining any insight into the lies or manipulations being used against them. Narcissists also frequently make unfounded accusations or threats in an attempt to intimidate their victims.

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How Narcissists devalue their victims

Narcissists typically devalue their victims. They will usually make them feel small, insignificant, and inferior. Narcissists often make their victims doubt their worth and question their sanity. They may even contradict or criticize what the victim has told others about the relationship to damage their credibility. Additionally, narcissists frequently put their needs before those of their victims. This means that they will often act selfishly and without consideration for the feelings of those around them. Finally, narcissists are generally incapable of empathy, which makes it difficult for them to understand or empathize with the feelings of others.

How Narcissists exploit their victims

Narcissists are notorious for exploiting their victims. They use their cunning, charm, and power to get what they want from those around them. Here are five ways narcissists treat their exes:

1. Make them feel like they’re the only thing that matters

Narcissists know how to take advantage of a person’s feelings of loneliness and isolation. They use this to convince their ex that they’re the only ones who can help them heal or fix things. This makes the victim feel as though they have no other choice but to stay with the narcissist.

2. Use threats and manipulation tactics

If Narcissists think that you might leave them, they’ll use all sorts of threats and manipulation tactics to keep you locked down. This could include making accusations or threatening to break up with you altogether. Narcissists never back down from a fight, which can make leaving very difficult.

3. Control every aspect of your life

Narcissists love control – whether it’s over their own life or that of someone else. This means that Narcissists will often try to control what you do, where you go, and even what you say. If you try to rebel against this authority, Narcissists will most likely punish you in some way. This can range from emotional manipulation to physical abuse.

4. Push your buttons relentlessly

Narcissists know EXACTLY how to push your buttons

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How Narcissists discard their victims

Narcissists often discard their victims, moving on to new relationships and people who they view as easier targets. They become so focused on themselves that they neglect the feelings and needs of those around them. This can be hurtful and damaging to both parties involved.

Narcissists are often very good at masking their true feelings, making it difficult for the victim to know how they’re feeling. They may claim to care about the victim, but in reality, they only care about themselves. This makes it difficult for the victim to trust or confide in them, as they know that anything could change at any time.

Narcissists often use their victims for their gain or pleasure. They promise things that they cannot or will not deliver, leading the victim into a false sense of security. Once the victim is attached, Narcissists will discard them without a second thought.

How Narcissists destroy their victims

The way narcissists treat their exes is often predatory and destructive. They will often try to control their former partners, shame them, make them feel worthless, and even belittle them. Narcissists are often extremely possessive and jealous, which can lead to constant arguing and conflict. They also tend to be very insensitive, which can cause significant emotional damage. In the long run, this treatment often leads to a breakup or a Removal from the narcissistic individual’s life altogether.

How do narcissists treat their exes?

Narcissists often treat their exes in a way that is harmful and destructive. They may berate them, threaten them, or pursue them relentlessly. They may make allusions to how they would have done better if the ex had stayed with them, or imply that the ex did something wrong to cause the breakup. Narcissists often view their exes as objects to be used and then discarded.

Why are narcissists obsessed with their exes?

Narcissists are obsessed with their exes for several reasons. Firstly, narcissists view their exes as sources of validation and admiration. This means that they constantly seek out information about their exes to feel superior. Additionally, narcissists rely on their exes for emotional support and can become very dependent upon them. This can make it difficult for them to let go of the past and move on. Finally, because narcissism is a disorder characterized by inflated self-esteem and excessive feelings of entitlement, narcissistic individuals often hold onto resentment and anger towards their exes.

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What is narcissist triangulation with an ex?

Narcissists triangulate with their exes to maintain control and keep them close. This means that they will try to constantly be in their ex’s presence, engage in conversations with them, and make themselves available. This also allows the narcissist to have access to the person’s thoughts and feelings, which he can use to manipulate them.

Do narcissists go back to exes?

Narcissists often go back to their exes even after they have been treated poorly or hurt by them. This is because narcissists feel entitled to the love and attention of those who are important to them. They also fear that if they distance themselves from their ex, they will lose what they see as their rightful place in the person’s life.

Narcissists may try to win back their exes through charm, flattery, or gifts. If the relationship has cooled off significantly, they may pursue the ex aggressively and offer apologies for anything they did that upset their partner. Narcissists can be very convincing when they want something and will do whatever it takes to get it.

It’s important for those who have been hurt by a narcissist to remember that he or she won’t change overnight. It may take time for them to heal from the experience, and it’s important not to pressure them into returning to the relationship. Helping them develop new relationships will help them learn how to emotionally survive in a world where someone poses a threat


It can be really hard to get over a narcissist. They are skilled at playing the game of love and relationships, and it’s hard for an ex to break through that armor. Here are 8 ways that narcissists treat their exes: 1. Narcissists use mind games all the time to control their exes. They may make promises they can’t keep or insist on doing things their way, even if it means alienating or damaging their former partner. 2. Narcissists often isolate their exes from friends and family, hoping this will damage the relationship further. 3. Narcissists devalue their exes by treating them harshly verbally and emotionally, oftentimes without cause or justification. 4. Narcissists refuse to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the relationship or any actions taken during it–instead, they place all the blame on their former partner. 5. Narcissists routinely minimize what happened between them and their ex, insisting everything was “just Friend Zone” territory or something nobody wanted anyway (even when there is ample evidence to suggest otherwise). 6. Finally, narcissists often threaten violence or emotional abuse to terror

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