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When you’re single, you have a lot of free time on your hands. That free time can be spent planning fun activities with your friends or exploring the city on your own. But what about when you have a boyfriend? If you want to make the most of your time with your boyfriend, here are 31 bets that you should make. From buying him dinner at a fancy restaurant to taking him out for ice cream, these bets will have you both laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Make a bet with your significant other that will have you both laughing and maybe even a little bit embarrassed

There’s something undeniably fun about making bets with your significant other, whether it’s a silly bet about who can finish a dish first or something more serious like a wager on who’ll get the highest score on their next test. But no matter what the stakes, there’s always room for laughter and maybe even a little embarrassment along the way. Here are some hilarious bets to make with your boyfriend:
2. Who can watch The Office the longest without getting angry or embarrassed?
4. Who can drink the most vodka in one hour without passing out?
7. Who can eat the most ice cream in one hour without getting sick?
9. Who can touch their nose with their tongue (and keep it there) for the longest time?
11. Can you recite all 33 Presidents of the United States backward in less than two minutes?

Make bets about anything and everything- from what you’ll wear on Friday night to who can do the most push-ups in one minute

When it comes to bets with your partner, there’s no limit to what you can discuss. Whether you’re looking for excitement or just some fun, here are some bets you can make with your boyfriend that will be sure to get your gears turning:
Bets about what you’ll wear on Friday night
Perhaps the most common bet between couples is who will arrive dressed in their sexiest outfit. Who knows- maybe he’ll show up in a tight dress and heels, while you walk into the room looking like a sexy secretary. It’s bound to be an eventful evening!
Another classic bet is who will make more phone calls first. Will he reach his quota before you do? Will he interrupt every conversation to take a call? Prove that you know how to multitask and win this bet!
If you want to spice things up, try a game of truth or dare. This is especially fun if you have different sexual interests- let him dare you to do something naughty, and see if he can keep a secret!
Bets about Pop Culture Trends | Good Bets?
No matter what kind of mood your partner is in, odds are good there’s at least one pop culture trend that they’re interested in. So why not put your money where your mouth is and make some bets about which trends will be popular during the next year?
You might

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Have some creative bets that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping

1. One creative bet you could make with your boyfriend is to race to see who can finish a certain task first. This could be anything from making an omelet in the fastest time possible to painting the living room within an hour.

2. Another fun bet could be to bet on who can pack their suitcase the quickest. This could involve packing for a vacation, packing for a weekend away, or packing for just one day. Who knows – maybe your BF has some packing prowess that you don’t!

3. A final bet that might get your heart racing is to gamble on who can eat the spiciest food in one sitting. Whether it’s Thai chili sauce or Tabasco sauce, this is something that will test both of your palates!

Revisit old bets you’ve made with each other and see if you can outdo each other again

When it comes to betting with your significant other, there are a few bets you can make that will be sure to have some laughs and maybe even some steamy moments. Here are five bets you can make with your boyfriend that will either make you both laugh or get heated:

1. A Loser Has To Wear My Clothes For A Day

This one is a classic bet. Whoever loses has to wear the other person’s clothes for a whole day. This could be anything from lingerie to a complete outfit. The key is for the loser to have fun with it and not take it too seriously!

2. Who Can Get The Most Out Of Their Bed In One Hour?

This one is perfect for a little bit of naughty fun! Whoever can get the most out of their bed in one hour has to do something naughty (or nice!) involving that person. This could involve anything from making love to having sex! The key is to have as much fun as possible while trying not to break any rules…or your partner’s furniture!

3. A Bet On Who Can Last Longest Without Cumming

This one might sound like an easy win, but trust us – it’s not! Whoever can last the longest without cumming wins the bet. This could mean anything from holding back all day long, going slow and taking it easy, or just refusing sex all together! Whichever route you choose,

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If you’re looking to up the ante in your relationship, betting could be the perfect way to do it. Here are some bets you can make with your boyfriend that will get your heart racing.

– A dinner date at a fancy restaurant: If you can afford it, why not make a bet with your boyfriend to go out for dinner at a high-end restaurant? This could be a real adventure for both of you and would be sure to entertain.

– A night at the casino: If you’ve always been interested in trying out Vegas, now’s the time! Make a bet with your boyfriend to go out for the night and gamble all of their money away. There’s no telling what kind of wild good times you’ll have!

– A day at the spa: Did your partner ever tell you how much they love spending time at spas? Why not make them spend one day of their summer break at one? This would be an amazing experience for him or her and would put a smile on their face.

Flirty bets to make with your boyfriend

There are many flirty bets you can make with your boyfriend that will make him feel loved and desired. Here are some good bets to get started:

-Bet he can’t stay awake for an entire night without falling asleep within 10 minutes of his head hitting the pillow

-Bet he can’t eat a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting

-Bet he won’t be able to watch any type of romantic movie without getting misty-eyed or teary by the end

-Bet he has to kiss you on the cheek at least 20 times before the end of the week

Bets to make with a guy over text

Texting—or, more specifically, sending bets via text—can be a fun way to get your guy excited about something. But before you start sending bets, make sure you know the stakes. Here are some good bets to make with your boyfriend:

1) A dinner date. If you and your boyfriend have been dating for a while, chances are you already know each other pretty well. So why not put that knowledge to use by making a bet about what kind of food you’ll order? (He can choose between Chinese or pizza.)

2) A movie watch. Who doesn’t love getting stuck in front of the TV for hours on end? But instead of just watching whatever comes on the screen, make a bet about who will finish first. (He can choose between Titanic or The Dark Knight.)

3) A dance-off. Who can move their body the most gracefully? Betting on this one might seem a little juvenile, but trust us—your man will love it when you win! (And if he wins…well, we’ll let you figure that one out!)

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Funny punishment ideas for boyfriend

If you’re looking for some fun punishment ideas to keep your boyfriend entertained, consider these bets. Whether it’s a race to see who can finish their current project first or a game of tag where the loser has to do something embarrassing, there’s sure to be something on this list that your guy will love!

1) Bet that you can make him laugh in under 30 seconds

This is a great bet if you know your boyfriend tends to be pretty serious most of the time. Set a timer and tell your guy that if he can make you laugh in less than thirty seconds, you’ll hug him. If he can’t, you get to give him a good old-fashioned slap across the face!

2) Bet on how long it will take him to cook his favorite dish

Again, this is perfect for someone who likes their food relatively simple. Set up a small pot on the stove and see how long it takes your guy to cook his favorite dish—without taking any breaks! The loser has to eat whatever they cooked!

3) Bet on whether or not he’ll be able to stay awake until midnight

This one is perfect for those night owls out there (or those early birds who need some shut-eye!). Bet your guy that he won’t be able to stay awake past midnight without passing out first. If he does manage it, then you get an extra hour of sleep!

The loser has two ideas

When you’re out with your guy friends, it’s always fun to make bets. But what are some good bets to make with your significant other? Here are a few ideas:

-Who can finish their drink the fastest
-Who can eat the most wings in 10 minutes
-Who can stay up the longest on a school night
-A game of truth or Dare where the person who answers a question first has to do something embarrassing, like dance naked in front of their partner or kiss them on the lips
There are tons of possibilities for fun bets with your partner, so get creative and have some fun!


Looking to make some bets with your boyfriend? Here are 31 bets that will be sure to have you two laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s a silly bet about which celebrity has the worst dress sense or something a bit more competitive, these bets are perfect for those night outs with the man of your dreams!

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